Strictly Money

  • Big Tech & the AI Boom

    Saijal is joined by Philip Petursson, Chief Investment Strategist at IG Wealth Management, to discuss investing in the tech sector, as well as ongoing events impacting the world economy including rising household debt and the U.S. debt ceiling agreement

  • Investing In Commodities

    Saijal speaks with Bart Melek, Global Head of Commodity Strategy at TD Securities, to discuss short-term and long-term opportunities that exist in the commodities sector.

  • Family Charters | Common Estate Planning Mistakes | Strictly Money

    Saijal speaks with Richa Arora, Senior Family Advisor at KPMG's Family Office - and Selene Soo, Director of Wealth Products at RBC Insurance.

  • What to Make of a Resilient Market | Strictly Money

    Saijal is joined by Diana Avigdor, Portfolio Manager & Head of Trading at Barometer Capital Management, to discuss how investors should be positioning their portfolio in the current economy.

  • A Disturbing Trend in Consumer Debt | Strictly Money

    Saijal welcomes Rebecca Oakes, from Equifax Canada, and Sandy Lyons, a licensed Insolvency Trustee, to discuss the sharp rise in consumer debt and how to get yours under control.

  • Canada's Housing Market and Future Rates | Strictly Money

    Saijal speaks with David Larock, President of Integrated Mortgage Planners, to discuss potential rate hikes (and cuts) and other economic events impacting the Canadian housing market.

  • Tax Filing Tips | Strictly Money

    Saijal is joined by Tim Cestnick, Co-Founder and CEO of Our Family Office, to share his advice for the 2022 tax filing season, along with his thoughts on tax refunds, the First Home Savings Account, and the CRA strike.

  • Climate Change & ESG Investing | Strictly Money

    Saijal welcomes Rosa van der Beemt and Nalini Feuilloley - Director of Stewardship and Head of Responsible Investment at BMO Global Asset Management - to discuss responsible ESG investing.

  • Did the 2023 Federal Budget Meet Canadians' Expectations? | Strictly Money

    Saijal speaks with Jake Fuss, Associate Director of Fiscal Studies at the Fraser Institute, to discuss the 2023 federal budget and its impact on the financial health of everyday Canadians.

  • Chaos in the Bond Markets | Strictly Money

    Saijal is joined by Dominic Siciliano, Head of Fixed Income at iA Investment Management, to discuss the recent volatility in the U.S. treasuries and the bond markets, following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.

  • Canada's Outdated Tax System | Strictly Money

    Saijal sits down with Trevor Parry, Tax Strategist at TRP Strategy Group, to discuss the issues with Canada's current tax system and the ways it can be updated and improved.

  • The Financial Toll of Addiction & Separation | Strictly Money

    Saijal sits down with Lisa Gelman, Lawyer and Founder of Gelman and Associates, to discuss how to protect your finances against addiction, unsanctioned spending, and separation.

  • Women's Economic Security & Prosperity

    Saijal welcomes Pamela Jeffrey, Founder and CEO of The Prosperity Project, to discuss the progress made by women in corporate leadership and financial wealth, and the results of the Project's latest Gender Diversity & Leadership report card.

  • Home & Auto Insurance | Opportunities in REITs

    Saijal is joined by Matt Hands, Vice President of Insurance and Money Sense at - and Dennis Mitchell, CEO & CIO of Starlight Capital.

  • A "Perilously Close" World Recession in 2023

    Saijal welcomes Sebastien Mc Mahon, Chief Strategist at iA Financial Group, to discuss the World Bank's prediction that the global economy will come "perilously close" to a recession in 2023, led by weaker growth in all of the world's top economies.

  • Buying & Saving Money on Insurance

    Saijal speaks with Jason Heath, Fee-only Financial Planner at Objective Financial Partners, to discuss buying insurance during a time of increased debt and a cost-of-living crisis, and why buying protection could save you from a bigger financial burden.

  • Seniors & Reverse Mortgages | High Interest & Borrowing Rates

    Saijal is joined by Shokhrukh, VP of North American Financial Institutions at DBRS Morningstar - as well as Ron Butler, Mortgage Broker at Butler Mortgage.

  • The Relationship Between Investors and Financial Advisors

    Saijal welcomes Jean-Paul Bureaud, Executive Director at the Foundation for Advancement of Investor Rights (FAIR) to discuss investors and advisors, and the current relationship between the two.

  • Saving on Your Grocery Bill | Financial Planning Tax Credit

    Saijal is joined by Natasha Macmillan, Director of Everyday Banking at - and Sebastien Labrecque, Chief Economist at StrategyCorp.

  • How Ready Is Canada for Open Banking?

    Saijal speaks with Sanjay Pathak, Partner, Tech Strategy & Digital Transformation Services at KPMG, to discuss the concept of Open Banking and how Canadians will benefit from it.