On Second Street

  • Faces of Ukraine | On Second Street

    Colin welcomes Olesya Shyvikova and Anastasiia Martyshko, refugees from Ukraine, to discuss what it's like to leave Ukraine, immigrating to Canada and stories from Ukraine.

  • Why Food Became So Expensive | On Second Street

    Colin welcomes Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, a professor at Dalhousie University, to discuss why food prices keep going up and what the government can do about it.

  • Hydrogen Powered | On Second Street

    Colin welcomes David Booth, senior writer at driving.ca, and John Thomas, CEO of Connect Airlines to look at the potential benefits of hydrogen powered cars and airplanes.​​

  • The Russia/Ukraine War 500 Days Later | On Second Street

    Colin welcomes Yaroslav Baran, from the Canada Ukraine Foundation, and Richard Shimooka from Macdonald Laurier Institute, to discuss the toll of 500 days of war.

  • A Need For Nuclear | On Second Street

    Colin welcomes Dr Chris Keefer, President of Canadians for Nuclear Energy, to discuss the rise in energy consumption and how nuclear energy could be a viable 'clean' option.

  • U.S. Attracting Canadian Healthcare Workers | On Second Street

    Colin is joined by Dom Lucyk, Communications Director at Second Street to discuss the widespread staff shortages in the Canadian Healthcare Sector.

  • Why We Should Celebrate Canada | On Second Street

    Colin welcomes Mark Milke and Rima Azar, co-authors of 'The 1867 Project'. They discuss Canadian values and why we need to continue to create a free and flourishing society

  • Cool Innovation Repurposing CO2 | On Second Street

    Colin welcomes Krystle Wittevrongel from the Montreal Economic Institute, and Madison Savilov from Carbon Upcycling, to discuss a fascinating new industry called 'Carbon Tech.'

  • Media Reform | On Second Street

    Colin welcomes Peter Menzies, Senior Fellow at The MacDonald Laurier Institution. He'll break down the complicated relationship between government and media

  • Canada Has A Drug Problem | On Second Street

    Colin welcomes Aaron Gunn, documentary film maker of 'Canada Is Dying' and 'Vancouver Is Dying'. He'll share his unique insight into an opioid crisis that seems to be affecting Canadians of all walks of life

  • Healthcare Spending | Second Street

    Colin welcomes Nadeem Esmail, Senior Fellow at The Frasier Institute to look at the issue of government healthcare spending and discuss whether a better model exists.

  • Private Healthcare Bans | On Second Street

    Colin welcomes Jeff Krushell, who was banned from looking outside the public system for treatment and Joanna Baron, executive director of the CCF to address the legal aspects of Private Healthcare bans.

  • The Best Education For Your Child | On Second Street

    Host Colin Craig welcomes Paige MacPherson, Associate Director of Education Policy for the Fraser Institute, to discuss some of the alternatives that exist outside of public education.