• Independent Women & Unhealthy Relationships | Empowered

    Elizabeth is joined by Maria Martiniello, Author of 'Find Yourself', to share her story about dating a narcissist and to bring to light what red flags to look out for.

  • Combat Leadership Principles in Everyday Life | Empowered

    Elizabeth is joined by Jamie Cochran, Chief Operating Officer at Echelon Front, a Premiere Leadership Consultancy, to discuss how women can be effective leaders in male-dominated fields, and how to avoid suffering from imposter syndrome in the process.

  • Art's Collective Female Voice | Empowered

    Elizabeth is joined by Carla Di Nunzio, a Canadian-Italian Artist who conceived the term “Psychic Realism”, to discuss the trademark of her art, as well as the collective female voice in art.

  • Championing Gender Justice with Legal Perspectives | Empowered

    Elizabeth speaks with Nicole Biros-Bolton, a Lawyer at Ross & McBride LLP, to discuss specific challenges and injustices faced by women & gender diverse individuals in Ontario, regarding gender-based violence, sexual harassment, and discrimination.

  • Resilience & Getting Through Tough Times | Empowered

    Elizabeth is joined by Riki Turofsky, a Retired Opera Singer, Philanthropist, and author of 'Aria: A Song of a Life', to discuss the book and her journey of resilience.

  • The Profitable Cause Revolution | Empowered

    Elizabeth is joined by Sabine Steinbrecher, Founder & Chief Hiveologist at Hiveologie Accelerated Learning, to discuss the profitable cause revolution, and how she transformed her business and now leads with purpose - for the bees!

  • "Finfluencers" & Social Media | Empowered

    Elizabeth speaks with Kerry K. Taylor, Creator of Squawk-Fox.com & host of The Cash and Kerry podcast, to discuss what Finfluencers are, and what red flags that seniors, newcomers, and others should look out for from scammers and fraudsters.

  • Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling | Empowered

    Elizabeth welcomes Sandra Bonnick Vice President & Head of Operations at Mindshare Canada, to discuss the concept of "glass ceilings," and her personal journey, to help us understand how to break through glass ceilings.

  • The Importance of Credit Scores | Empowered

    Elizabeth speaks with Elena Jara, Community Engagement Partner at Bromwich & Smith, to discuss the importance of credit scores and whether it's better to keep your credit separate from your partner's - especially when it comes to purchasing a large asset or applying for a loan.

  • Understanding the Two-Spirit & Transgender Communities | Empowered

    Elizabeth is joined by Tea Sefer, Founder of Breathe with Tea, to discuss Change Management and how businesses are looking to improve Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the workplace - especially for the two-spirit and transgender communities.

  • The Difference Between Apologizing & Taking Ownership | Empowered

    Elizabeth speaks with Meg Miller, Program Manager of Echelon Front where she runs the Women’s Assembly Extreme Ownership Academy, to discuss the intent of apologies, especially from women, and the difference between apologizing and taking ownership for your actions.

  • Freedom, Independence & Financial Happiness | Empowered

    Elizabeth speaks with Fran Blum, Author & Financial Literacy Advocate, to discuss common financial pitfalls, financial infidelity, and how to avoid and navigate those unexpected pitfalls.

  • Supplementing Your Life with Natural Herbs | Empowered

    Elizabeth welcomes Nathalie Thiverge, Chief Marketing Officer at Science Based Ingredients, to discuss women that are supplementing their lives with natural herbs in order to stay healthy and strong.

  • Say Yes to Women's Health | Empowered

    Elizabeth is joined by Annie Gaudreault, founder of VEEV Health & Wellness, Nutritionist and Women’s Health Coach, to discuss health and eating habits to properly fuel our bodies and brains.

  • A Woman's Place In Society | Empowered

    Elizabeth is joined by Valerie Gibson, an activist and celebrity speaker who originally coined the term "cougar," to discuss topics related to women such as ageing, relationships, and sexuality.

  • Microfinancing & Financial Inclusion | Empowered

    Elizabeth speaks with Caroline Munshaw, the Director of Philanthropy Ontario at Opportunity International Canada, to discuss what financial inclusion and microfinancing are, and how they empower families to leave poverty behind for good.

  • Caring for your Skin, Hair & Nails | Empowered

    Elizabeth is joined by Dr. Anne Curtis, Dermatologist at Dermatology on Bloor, to discuss the health of women's skin, hair, and nails, and the situations we all go through in life from our 20s to our senior years.

  • Empowering Women in War Zones | Empowered

    Elizabeth speaks with Teri Schultz, a Freelance Journalist originally from New Mexico and living in Brussels, to discuss what it's like reporting on war zones and then having to leave and return to your life in a safe country.

  • The "Great Workplace Break-Up" | Empowered

    Elizabeth speaks with Lesley Conway, CEO of Mindshare Canada, to talk about empowering the next generation of up-and-coming female leaders to know, understand, and ask for their value in the workplace.

  • Payday Loans & Cheque Cashing | Empowered

    Elizabeth is joined by Pat Dunwoody, Financial Services Consultant - Candies Kotchapaw, Founder & Executive Director of DYLOTT - and Barb Amsden, Founder of PQbd, to discuss the intent of cheque cashing and payday loans as an alternative to traditional bank services.

  • Creating the Life You've Always Wanted | Empowered

    Elizabeth sits down with Julie Littlechild, CEO of Absolute Engagement, to discuss getting intentional about her experience with moving outside of her comfort zone and embracing decision making and risk in order to create her ideal life.

  • Your Relationship with Money & Debt | Empowered

    Elizabeth speaks with Taz Rajan, Community Engagement Partner at Bromwich+Smith, to discuss her journey and her relationship with money throughout her professional and personal life.

  • Financial Anxiety vs. Financial Clarity | Empowered

    Elizabeth is joined by Kristine Besse, Founder & CEO of Untangle Money, to discuss financial planning in a way that decreases financial anxiety and provides financial clarity.

  • Financial Stages in a Woman's Life | Empowered

    Elizabeth speaks with Jackie Porter, Certified Financial Planner at Carte Wealth Management Inc., to discuss a woman's top financial challenges, and the ways in which those challenges change at different points in a woman's life