• Imagining a Cashless Society | Counterpoint

    Tanya welcomes Brett Scott, author of CloudMoney, to discuss the pros and cons of a cashless society, and what a future without loonies and toonies might look like.

  • Energy Update | Counterpoint

    Tanya is joined by Dan McTeague, President of Canadians for Affordable Energy, for a sweeping discussion on energy affordability as provincial and federal governments drive towards net zero.

  • Embracing The Truth About Canada | Counterpoint

    Tanya welcomes Mark Milke, editor of 'The 1867 Project' to discuss the rise of cancel culture and why we shouldn't take a simplistic view of our history.

  • A Search For Truth About Covid-19 Vaccines | Counterpoint

    Tanya welcomes writer, author, and public policy analyst, Margret Kopala, to discuss her recent report in the C2C Journal entitled: The Virus, The Vaccine, The Victims: Beginning The Great Reckoning.

  • Defining Hate Speech In Canada | Counterpoint

    Tanya welcomes Hatim Kheir, a lawyer with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, to explain how hate speech is defined in Canada and if being offensive is a punishable crime.

  • Current Issues Panel | Counterpoint

    Tanya welcomes Elliot Hughes -Senior Advisor at Summa Strategies, and political commentator Brock Stephenson, to offer their analysis on some the biggest stories in Canadian news.

  • Religious Freedom | Counterpoint

    Tanya welcomes Father Deacon Andrew Bennett, Director of Cardus Religious Freedom Institute, to discuss why religious freedom matters in Canada and how it is being weaponized in the war in Ukraine.

  • Current Issues Panel | Counterpoint

    Tanya welcomes David Clement, NA Affairs Manager at Consumer Choice Center, and political commentator Russ Kuykendal, to weigh in on the biggest stories making headlines.

  • The Family: A Pillar of Our Society | Counterpoint

    Tanya is joined by Daniel Zekveld, a policy analyst at The Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada, to discuss why we need strong families in our society.

  • Forest Fires and Climate Change | Counterpoint

    Tanya welcomes Kenneth Green, Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institute, and Ross Mcktrick, a professor from Guelph University, to discuss how poor forest management is leading to more catastrophic forest fires.

  • The Shape of Politics In Alberta | Counterpoint

    Tanya welcomes back Mike Donison -Elections Lawyer, and former MP Rob Anders (Calgary) to offer their expert analysis on the Alberta election, and what is next For Premier Danielle Smith.

  • Drug Crisis In British Columbia | Counterpoint

    Tanya is joined by Dr. Julian Somers, a clinical psychologist, and director of The Centre For Applied Research on Mental Health and Addiction at SFU. He'll discuss what is fuelling BC's drug crisis.

  • Calgary’s Unconstitutional Ban on Protests | Canadian Justice

    Christine is joined by Joanna Baron, Executive Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation, and Yoav Niv, a Criminal Defence Lawyer, to discuss a recent Calgary bylaw that prevents protests near libraries or community centres - but only protests on certain issues.

  • Climate Alarmism | Counterpoint

    Tanya welcomes H. Sterling Burnett, Director of the Arthur B. Robinson Centre, to look into whether climate alarmism is actually fuelling a form of authoritarianism.

  • Current Issue Panel | Counterpoint

    Tanya is joined by Russ Kuykendall, a political consultant, and Rachel Emmanuel, a political commentator, who weigh in on some of the biggest headlines in Canadian news.

  • Government Censorship | Counterpoint

    Tanya welcomes Mark Jeftovic, CEO of Easydns Technologies Inc., to unpack CBCDs, and explain how to protect yourself from cancelling and de-platforming online

  • Canada’s Cultural Foundation Is Shifting | Counterpoint

    Tanya welcomes Bruce Pardy, Executive Director of Rights Probe, to discuss how the politics of identity is transforming our culture

  • Growing Concerns Over School System | Counterpoint

    Tanya welcomes Dr. Teresa Pierre, President of Parents As First Educators, to discuss what is happening within our education system to draw the ire of many parents

  • The Politicization of Dairy Supply | Counterpoint

    Tanya welcomes Dr. Bruce Muirhead, History Professor at The University of Waterloo, and Michael Schmidt, a raw milk advocate, to break down why Canadians are paying so much for Dairy

  • Getting Real About Real Estate | Counterpoint

    Tanya is joined by Tim Hudak, CEO of OREA, Thomas Davidoff, Associate director at the Sauder School of Business at UBC, and realtor Ante Skoko, to discuss factors driving the current housing market

  • The Intrigue and Concern Over AI | Counterpoint

    Tanya welcomes Jim Harris, author on disruptive innovation, and Valerie Pisano, President and CEO of Mila, a Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute, to discuss the benefits of AI and the need for regulations

  • Forced Innovation In Media | Counterpoint

    Tanya welcomes Peter Menzies, Senior Fellow at The MacDonald-Laurier Institute, to discuss the future of media in Canada and address concerns over Bills C-11 and C-18.

  • Current Issues Panel | Counterpoint

    Tanya is joined by Elliot Hughes, Senior Advisor with Summa Strategies, and Brock Stephenson, political commentator, for their take on some of the biggest issues making news.

  • Trump, Biden, or Other. | Counterpoint

    Tanya welcomes Peter Roff, contributing editor at Newsweek, to discuss the next US Federal Election and whether America is better off after 4 years of Biden.