Canadian Justice

  • Text Messages And Privacy Rights | Canadian Justice

    Christine and her legal panel weigh in on the ethical and legal debate over our rights once we've hit send on a text message.

  • AI And The Legal Sector | Canadian Justice

    Christine and her legal panel look at some of the misunderstandings surrounding the function of AI, and how it can and will change the landscape of the law profession.

  • “Booze, Cigarettes, and Constitutional Dust-Ups”

    Christine welcomes Ryan Manucha, award winning author of “Booze, Cigarettes, and Constitutional Dust-Ups” to discuss Canada's many trade barriers and where we need to evolve.

  • The Swift Response To Bill C-18 | Canadian Justice

    Christine is joined by Professor Michael Geist, and Matt Hatfield of OpenMedia, to discuss why the government passed bill C-18, and what the loss of access to news means for our democracy?

  • The Legal Issues with Common-Law Marriage in Canada | Canadian Justice

    Christine speaks with lawyers Jessica Polis of Lighthouse Family Law LPP and Ella Aiaseh of Hummingbird Lawyers LLP, to discuss common law marriages in Canada and the difference in legal rights between married couples and common-law couples.

  • Is Canada's Voting System Unconstitutional? | Canadian Justice

    Christine speaks with Kristopher Kinsinger, a Lawyer at Jordan Honickman Barristers, to discuss a court challenge claiming that Canada's current "First Past Post" voting system is unconstitutional.

  • Abuse of Power in the Trudeau Foundation | Canadian Justice

    Christine welcomes Kathryn Marshall, a Partner at Levit Sheikh LLP and the lawyer of Cherry Smiley, to discuss Ms. Smiley's sexual harassment case filed against former Northwest Territories premier Stephen Kakfwi, as well as the Trudeau Foundation.

  • Quebec's Amendments to its French Language Law | Canadian Justice

    Christine speaks with lawyers Julius Grey from Grey Casgrain - and Alexandre Fallon from Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt - to discuss newly-enforced provisions of Bill 96 in Quebec, their impact on a wide array of industries, and the protests and court challenges that have emerged as a result.

  • Should the CRTC Ban Fox News in Canada? | Canadian Justice

    Christine is joined by Peter Menzies, former CRTC Chairman and Senior Fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute (MLI), to discuss the ongoing application for Fox News to be banned in Canada put forward to the CRTC by an LGBTQ+ advocacy group.

  • The 1867 Project: Why Canada Should Be Cherished - Not Cancelled

    Christine welcomes Mark Milke, Editor of 'The 1867 Project', to discuss the book and the development of cancellation culture in Canada throughout history, from significant events to important historical figures.

  • Quebec's Ban on Prayer in Schools & Religious Neutrality | Canadian Justice

    Christine is joined by Derek Ross, Executive Director of the Christian Legal Fellowship, and Harini Sivalingam, a Lawyer & Director of the Equality Program CCLA, to discuss Quebec's ban on prayer & prayer rooms in schools and the lawsuit that challenges this ban.

  • Severance Law in Canada | Canadian Justice

    Christine speaks with Lawyers Mackenzie Irwin of Samfiru Tumarkin LLP and Danica McLellan of Neuman Thompson, to discuss the specifics surrounding severance pay in Canada, from severance negotiations.with employers to lawsuits when an employee is denied severance pay.

  • The Largest Art Fraud Ring in Canadian History | Canadian Justice

    Christine welcomes Filmmaker Jamie Kastner, and Media Lawyer Iain MacKinnon, to discuss how Mr. Kastner's documentary, "There Are No Fakes," helped to trigger a police investigation into a massive art fraud ring and criminal operation.

  • The Right to a Trial in a “Reasonable” Time | Canadian Justice

    Christine speaks with Saman Wickramasinghe, Criminal Defence Lawyer at UPFH LLP, and Kabir Sharma, a Partner at Titan Defence LLP, to discuss what constitutes an "unreasonable delay" to a trial, according to the Supreme Court of Canada's Jordan framework

  • Safe Supply Policy And The Opioid Crisis | Canadian Justice

    Christine is joined by Adam Zivo, a columnist at The National Post, who has been investigating Canada’s “safer supply” programs and the research they rely on. What he has found is shocking.

  • The Right to Strike in Canada | Canadian Justice

    Christine sits down with Danica McLellan, a Lawyer at Neuman Thompson, and Michael Wernick, Professor at the University of Ottawa, to discuss job actions in federally-regulated workplaces in Canada and the protections surrounding the right to strike.

  • Jack Letts' Appeal & ISIS Supporters Imprisoned in Syria | Canadian Justice

    Christine is joined by Brian Cox from the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa, and Phil Gurski, President & CEO of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting, to discuss the appeal against bringing Jack Letts, and other Canadians imprisoned in Syria for fighting for ISIS, back to Canada.

  • False Accusations of Sexual Assault | Canadian Justice

    Christine speaks with Joseph Neuberger, Criminal Defence Lawyer at Neuberger & Partners LLP, to discuss the impact of false allegations of sexual assault on Canada's justice system and the ongoing movement of "start from believing", to initially take sexual assault victims at their word.

  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence, Art & Music | Canadian Justice

    Christine speaks with Peter Henein, Copyright Lawyer at Henein Hutchison Robitaille LLP, and Melissa M. Dimilta, Intellectual Property Lawyer & Partner at Bennett Jones LLP, to discuss the use of artificial intelligence (A.I.) to create music and art, and the intellectual property issues surround...

  • Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752

    Christine is joined by Asher Honickman, a lawyer at Jordan Honickman Barristers, and Kaveh Shahrooz, a Fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, to discuss the downing of Ukrainian International Flight 752 and the proceeding investigations and litigations.

  • The Constitutionality of the Impact Assessment Act | Canadian Justice

    Christine welcomes Brett Carlson, an Associate at Borden Ladner Gervais, to discuss the Impact Assessment Act, known as the "No More Pipelines" Law, the federal government's Impact Assessment Agency, and the ways in which the Act overlaps with provincial jurisdiction.

  • Violent & Sexual Assault Offences by Police Officers | Canadian Justice

    Christine sits down with Rachel Lichtman, a lawyer and Founder of Lichtman Law, and Daphne Gilbert, Law Professor at the University of Ottawa, to discuss recent cases of violent or sexual assault involving on or off-duty police officers.

  • "Catch & Release" Offenders & Bail Reform | Canadian Justice

    Christine is joined by Ari Goldkind, Criminal Lawyer, and Carolyn Yule, Associate Professor at the University of Guelph, for a discussion of the current bail process in Canada and potential bail reforms.

  • Bill C-11, User-Generated Content, & Freedom of Expression | Canadian Justice

    Christine speaks with Jay Goldberg, the Ontario Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Scott Benzie, Executive Director at Digital First Canada, and Rosa Addario, Communications Manager at Open Media, to discuss concerns surrounding Bill C-11.