Canadian Innovators

  • P.P.E. Manufacturing & Recycling | Canadian Innovators

    Jocelyn is joined by Andy Straisfeld, President of MEA Health Corporation, to discuss his journey in developing a company dedicated to reducing the amount of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ending up in landfills.

  • S.E.O. & Internet Marketing | Canadian Innovators

    Jocelyn speaks with D.J. Kennedy, Founder of TechWyse Internet Marketing, to discuss the world of internet marketing from the creator of one of Canada's first Internet Marketing companies.

  • Toronto's Municipal Election | Canadian Innovators

    Jocelyn welcomes back Anthony Furey, Toronto Mayoral Candidate, to discuss the critical issues currently being faced by Toronto.

  • Canada's Resource Sector | Canadian Innovators

    Jocelyn is joined by Mike Ferguson, President & CEO of GenSource, to discuss the establishment of his company and what GenSource is doing differently in the potash sector.

  • Generating Resources From Waste & the Circular Economy | Canadian Innovators

    Jocelyn speaks with Dr. Peter Tsantrizos, President and CEO of Tarragon Environmental Technologies Inc., to discuss the business behind waste treatment and generating resources from waste.

  • Economic Triple Play | Canadian Innovators

    Jocelyn is joined by Kevin Gaudet, President of Bright Point Strategy, to discuss how policies from all three levels of government impact Canada's economy.

  • 5 Principles for Business Success | Canadian Innovators

    Jocelyn speaks welcomes back Ron Foxcroft, President and CEO of Fox Forty & Fluke Transportation, to discuss his 5 major principles that have led to his many years of business success.

  • A Program That Pays It Forward | Canadian Innovators

    Guest host Ves Sobot welcomes Chris Thomson, President & Head Coach at The Student Works Management Program to discuss how the program has fueled entrepreneurial success and contributed to the Canadian economy.

  • Taxes, the Economy, & Freedom | Canadian Innovators

    Guest host Ves Sobot speaks with American Economist Dr. Arthur Laffer to discuss recent economic events and to unpack a few key economic principles.

  • Haven Acres Vineyard & Skin Essentials Products | Canadian Innovators

    Jocelyn welcomes Marlene Conway Diels, Owner and Operator of Haven Acres Vineyard, to discuss her journey as an entrepreneur and her company's mission to offer natural, better, and healthier products.

  • Making Energy Affordable Countrywide

    Jocelyn is joined by Dan McTeague, President of Canadians for Affordable Energy, and Parker Gallant, Contributor to the Financial Post, to discuss energy policy in Canada, where it falls short, and how it can be improved.

  • Resource Infrastructure, Construction & Maintenance

    Jocelyn speaks with Stephen Smith, President & CEO of Strike Group, to discuss the founding and success of Strike Group, especially in the face of wide opposition to the fossil fuel industry by a variety of groups.

  • Is ESG Harmful or Helpful?

    Guest host Ves Sobot welcomes Vivek Ramaswamy, Co-Founder of Strive Asset Management, to discuss his concerns over ESG and its effects on both capitalism and democracy.

  • What Macdonald-Laurier Institute Brings to the Table

    What Macdonald-Laurier Institute Brings to the Table

  • The Good and Bad of Canada’s Economy

    Jocelyn welcomes The Honourable Joe Oliver, former Finance Minister Of Canada, and Catherine Swift, President of CCMBC, for an assessment of Canada's economy entering the new year.

  • The Rise of Independent Media

    Jocelyn welcomes Anthony Furey, Editorial & Content VP at True North, to discuss the current state of media and his concerns over Bill C-11, the government's third attempt to pass an internet censorship bill.

  • The Impact of the "Just Transition" Bill

    Jocelyn speaks with Dean Allison, M.P., Host of The Hill Update, and Dr. Jack Mintz, President's Fellow, SPP, at the University of Calgary, regarding what the "Just Transition" Bill means for Canadians.

  • FluidConcepts Office Furniture

    Jocelyn is joined by Byron LeClair, Founder and CEO of FluidConcepts, to discuss the founding and success of his innovative office furniture company.

  • The Push for Electrification

    Jocelyn welcomes Tom Ladanyi, President of TL Energy Regulatory Consultants Inc., and Shalini Seth, Director of Operations at Surati Sweet Mart, to discuss the impacts of the push for green energy on manufacturing for both small and large businesses.